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Sylvia Mendoza:
I am so excited! I have been exercising since I was 12 years old and have not stopped. While in college, I took a job as a fitness instructor for Jack LaLanne European Health Spas, which helped me to decide to study Kinesiology. Also, this is when I was introduced to advanced vitamin supplementation for maintaining my health. I have not stopped taking supplements either, but for various reasons I have tried an array of different products. Through my many years of instructing and taking supplements, I was always considered to be in good health and shape.

Everyone noticed the change in my body and my associates encouraged me to enter a figure Competition. In December 2002, I did and it was the beginning of a new adventure. In June 2003, I entered another Figure Competition and that same day, I was urged to enter the Bodybuilding Competition as well. I put together a routine that afternoon and that evening, I came home with two trophies. It was great! Then in July, I entered another Competition, but this time it was just for Bodybuilding. I only had a month to prepare, but I was doing it for the
experience and to see what it would take to be a serious competitor. I came home 1st Grand
Masters and 4th in Novice.  I recently added Volumizer to my daily supplementation to help me place 6th in the open class competition on September 20th. These trophies are a reward of my dedication to fitness. These Competitions have been a great experience in my life.

In my group X classes I frequently share how the different Apex products are helping me reach my goals. My students and fellow associates all see the results and come to me for information. I currently have three other fitness instructors trying Fat Burn 1 and Resist 1, not to mention Group students and personal training clients all seeing positive results with Apex products. It keeps me excited to see the changes in these people.

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