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8-12-03 Tom Jones

I had my doubts about using a personal trainer, but I just wasn't making the progress that I knew should be making. I signed up with Dan and told him my goals of wanting to gain 20lbs. of muscle and also lose 3% bodyfat. After 3 months of grueling workouts, I have already gained 14lbs. of muscle and lost 1% body fat.

   Thanks Dan for helping me reach my goals!

                                                                              Sincerely, Tom Jones

9-27-06 Derek Diaz

I have experianced many differnet types of fitness training, which entales many Gym affiliated trainers. I use to think you need the gym corporate name behind your trainer. Discovering that I would most likely never hire another trianer from the gym.

Dan has improved my fitness goals 180 degrees. I now have more awareness of the proper way to work out specificly for my body than ever possibly imagined. My body is stronger than I ever thought I could be, along with now being optimized for all lives phsical activities as I am involved in many different activities.

Life is Supercharged since I met Dan!

   Peak Trainers are the TOP Trainers!

                                                                              Get it on, Derek Diaz

9-27-06 Claudia Flores - Derek's Fiance!

I am pleased with the way Derek's body has changed in the past year. Dan has done a marvelous job keeping him motivated through out the entire time. Derek always looks forward to working out and follows through his entire program. Not only has his body changed for the best, but his lifestyle, eating habits, and self-care habits as well.

I am excited to see what his body will look like and feel like in the year to come.

   Thanx Dan!

                                                                              Be Well, Claudia Flores

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